"Let's buy the kids a new truck", urges Fair Foods founder, Nancy Jamison.  Their old truck has hauled millions of pounds of food transferred from a larger truck. Without the small trucks, they could not deliver to as many places as they have.  https://www.gofundme.com/FairFoods

Surplus produce is grocery store quality fruits and vegetables that for various reasons never reaches the grocery store. A store may order more produce than it ends up needing, trucks may be too full to ship all of the ordered produce, or shipments can be delayed or arrive too early due to weather, market fluctuations, and equipment malfunctions. Often, entire pallets of usable food will be refused by markets because some items have slight cosmetic imperfections.

The problem with surplus produce is that unlike canned goods, which could be resold or redistributed later, produce will spoil if it sits too long. Rather than letting good food go bad, our partners donate their surplus to us so we can distribute it the same day.  Learn more about www.fairfoods.org