"Convergence: Boston Sculptors Gallery Exhibit at the Christian Science Plaza until Oct. 31, 2013"
The Rotary Club of Boston is delighted to welcome, Donna Dodson, to speak on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. Donna will highlight the Boston Sculptors Gallery's first outdoor exhibition of monumental, site-specific artworks is co-sponsored by The First Church of Christ, Scientist.  In a convergence of imagination and civic pride, over two dozen art installations from Boston Sculptors Gallery members are on display on The Christian Science Plaza until Thursday, October 31, 2013. 
Dodson is a sculptor who created two pieces pieces in the exhibit and they celebrate the mystical relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom. Fierce and protective as wild animals, but loving, warm and human, Tiger Mothers stand guard near the Children's Fountain on the Christian Science Plaza. They are a tribute to Amy Chua's book, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.  
In the large exhibit, each sculpture speaks to its architectural surroundings, activates the site that inspired it, and creates a unique destination for the Boston community to see contemporary art. Following on the heels of the newly built Contemporary Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts and as a celebration of the newly designated statewide Fenway Cultural District (established March 20, 2012 by the Massachusetts Cultural Council), this exhibition carries forth the vision to draw attention to visual art of the moment and promote its prominent place in the life of the city. The public is invited to enter, look, think, hope, dream, and be a part of the experience.