Kevin Walsh,Comcast Sports Net Sportscaster and friend of the Rotary Club of Boston #7 spoke to the club about his new book The Perfect Catch.

According to the description of Walsh’s latest on Amazon, here’s what you’re in for: “What does it mean to be a good brother, a good son and a good father? The Perfect Catch should be mandatory reading for anyone searching for those answers. It’s not just a book for men, it’s a book for mankind. It’s about breaking through male pattern insecurity and awkwardness and forming lasting bonds that actually come quite naturally to the women in our lives. Mixed in is some really good fly fishing and travel involving three adult brothers and elderly father. And just like the steelhead trout which are returning to the same river to spawn, the Walshes are returning to their roots as a family, as men, and for what could be their last time. In the end, 73-year-old Bob Walsh catches the fish of a lifetime; the greater takeaway is the admission of past failures, the casting away of old grudges and reeling in of new opportunities to bond with ties as thick as blood.That’s what makes Kevin Walsh’s thrilling new book The Perfect Catch.”